Research project ORBIT II

Expansion of a highly efficient trickle bed bioreactor and optimization of the methanation plant for commercial industrial use

Half-time in the ORBIT II project

On 17.05.2023 the 4th project meeting of the joint project ORBIT II took place in Landshut.

Just in time for the halftime of the ORBIT II project, the 4th project meeting with our project partners took place. After a short photo session, Dr. Thomas Maier kicked off the meeting with a presentation of SCHOTT AG, which impressively illustrated the possible applications of special glasses.

Afterwards, the project partners’ project contents were presented. While the first series of tests with ORBIT-Twin, new microorganisms and the new glass fillers are already being carried out at the universities, preparations for the upcoming test phase of ORBIT-Demo are in full swing. Commissioning is scheduled to take place in the coming months.

After the lunch break, we went to the second SCHOTT plant. Thomas Maier and Matthias Rindt gave a tour of the plant and presented SCHOTT’s wide range of products. The main focus was on the production process of the glass fillers for the ORBIT project. In this way, the essential processing steps from the delivery of the material to the final burning process could be clearly demonstrated to all project partners.

Authors: FENES, Daniel Rank, Michael Heberl